These past days I’ve been busy trying to come up with a working product with the features that I’d earlier planned to include in this version of Global Search. Finally, I feel happy to complete this milestone. Both my mentors Tomasz and Aparup have guided me well in this project clearing my doubts every now and then. You may try it out here.

Feel free to clone my Moodle gs2 branch and try out the product. I need deveopers to try it out and test it for any security leaks. The wiki has been updated with the complete procedure for setting up Global Search. Feel free to contact me with your feedback and comments.

I’m including screenshots of some advance search queries. This example here, indexes two pages and one pdf file generated from the Superman wikipedia page. It takes into account Moodle’s Wiki module. The first screenshot shows a normal search for superman return 3 results. global-search-prototype-v1-0-gs_1

The second screenshot shows a wildcard search for super*. Clearly, it matches different sets of keywords starting with super. global-search-prototype-v1-0-gs_2

The third screenshot shows an example of proximity search for "superman dc"~10. This means that results will be shown wherever the two words are encountered within less than 10 words on either ends. global-search-prototype-v1-0-gs_3

The remaining screenshots show boolean searches. You can clearly figure out the differences between them. global-search-prototype-v1-0-gs_4 global-search-prototype-v1-0-gs_5 global-search-prototype-v1-0-gs_6

My next work will be to design a search UI page. Suggestions are welcome. You may directly contact me or post on Moodle’s developer forum post.