The GSoC results were announced yesterday. After weeks of anticipation, anxiety and horror (yes!) it was exhilirating to see my proposal for Global Search being accepted by Moodle. Two months of hard-work, sleepless nights, bunking lectures and screwing up my exams didn’t go waste after all. No matter how much you try or work hard one is always pessimistic about the things that aren’t under your own control.

I love Open Source, sort of an addiction lately. The major reason being the awesome developers. Hats off to them. They are so smart, witty and opinionated. Like a piece of optimized code, their replies too are exact, precise and just to the point. Nothing less or nothing more. They’ll outsmart you everytime with their double-meaning wits. Also, they can talk indefinitedly about anything and everything: from earthquakes to cats and from North Korea to Nuclear Power.

I first used and came to now about Moodle by using it in college. Moodle is currently installed in my college intranet server for course management. I want to thank the Moodle selection team for selecting my proposal for the project and the whole Moodle community for giving such a great feedback and help whenever I needed it. Also, I would like to deeply thank Aparup Banerjee and Tomasz Muras for helping me out and tolerating my random queries from time to time.

For the next three-four months, I will be involved in developing a full-site search in Moodle. The idea is to adopt the widely-used Open Source Solr search platform from the Apache Lucene Project and integrate it in Moodle.